Ways to Save Money in Your Business

If you are running a business, you will know just how quickly money seems to disappear, as if through a sieve. When it takes money to make money feels like it’s taking too much money to make money, you will no doubt be looking for ways to save.

Luckily, in the digital age, there is a lot of technological advancements and online resources available that can help you to save money in your business. If you think you are spending too much money, take a look at our guide to the tech that can help.


Training might come up more often than you’d think. Maybe you’ve got a new hire that need shown the ropes. Maybe you’ve got an existing hire and they need an extra qualification for a promotion. Or maybe you just want to add an extra skill to your entire team to get more customers. Improving your team is a good way to improve your business and your revenue.

But how do you go about it? That VHS tape can’t be dusted off again. Its information will be out of date, and you won’t be sure it’s going in.

The newest way to learn is with remote learning. It can be done at home or in the office, entirely through the internet, without a single physical class involved. This means that it can be worked around things like work and home life, and you can go at your own pace.

You can look into subscription-based learning platforms. Not only do they offer courses in every topic you can think of, but they allow you to take a course as a team so that you can follow everyone’s progress.

The most advantageous option for entrepreneurs would be LinkedIn Learning. The business networking platform has expanded into gaining skills for staff. They offer courses from one of three relevant categories: business, technology and creative. In the business category you can learn leadership skills and pitching your idea. Your staff can learn advanced use of Excel or data analytics in the technology department, and your company will gain from the creative category’s graphic design and green screen techniques now applied to your marketing department.

Plus, your staff will be happy with their new skills being automatically added to their LinkedIn profile. And when they look good, you look good.

Automation platforms

Running a business can feel like you need dozens of hands to handle everything that’s on your plate. There are the big things that will mean a new client or a big change for the company, and then there are all the routine things that feel like a waste of the tiny bit of energy you have to give them.

However, if you take a look online you will find software application after software application that will, if not make these tasks easier, then outright automate them. You can take a lot of tedious tasks off your plate with software like that – and in turn, save a lot of money.

For example, Vendr allows you to buy and renew SaaS (or Software as a Service) online and manage your buys with their easy-to-use platform. Watch the savings add up as the platform analyses your stack and offers you the best price.

The best software you can find, however, is that of an online phone system. They allow you to make phone and video calls, all over the internet, saving you a landline bill.

The phone system has exploded into use since more and more staff members are opting to work from home, but that’s just the latest reason. You can save employees from using up a paid holiday because they got snowed in or they need a doctor’s appointment. And you can contact clients and host meetings without having to go through a lengthy commute.

You can also eliminate the need for a project manager with Trello, saving you a salary. Trello is the project management platform. You can assign everyday work evenly distributed across your team, assuring that everyone is pulling their weight, or use it to keep track of an upcoming project.

Smart tech

Smart tech is quickly taking over homes and cities, but what has been ignored is its usefulness to businesses. These pieces of Self-Monitoring and Analysis Reporting Technology are causing security to go up and energy use to go down, saving you money.

If you have a premises to run your business from, that is to say it’s not entirely online, you will know just how much money it takes to just keep it running. Smart tech can help with that in a lot of ways. For one thing, every smart tech device made in the past few years has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. You can install a smart thermostat to keep the temperature of your premises steady, and smart plugs that will shut off with a timer connected to your phone. There will be no more power reaching all your computers that are on standby without you going around the office unplugging everything, saving you loads in electricity bills. You can also install light kits fitted with energy-saving LED light bulbs. You can dim them as you please, allowing you to save money, and if you own a storefront, you will see the difference in brightness lighting up your products.

And then there is the security side of things. A smart security system will be worth the money when you think about how much could have been taken from your premises. You can use smart cards as employee IDs for access that is personalized to them. So, if they want to enter the warehouse, they will need permission. It can also be handled remotely with your smartphone, so you don’t need to leave your home if you see that Debbie left her purse in the store. You can also install a smart camera that will watch your premises and will contact the police if they see something off.

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