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About Us

Evil Chili are a collection of like minded tech geeks who realised in 2015 that there was a better solution for managing technology in business.

We decided that it was time for change and companies and organisations needed to wake up to the huge surge of technology solutions that have been available to them but for some reason companies are slow to adopt. 

We still see large companies using old operating systems and still relying on redundant 20 year old systems.  We aim to change that by helping companies understand what technology is available to them, how it can help, what grants are available and to make the shift to better tech.

Get the Right Technology Solutions for your Business​

Find out how your processes, business flow, training, production & reporting can benefit from untapped tech. Our team offer free avaluations.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our team of tech specialists can assist you and your company in striving for a more tech based service.

Tech Audit
Technology Audit

Let our team of tech experts analyse your current business and identify weak spots in your IT infrastructure. We can often save tens of thousand with our most basic audit.

IT Upgrades

When was the last time your business or organisation upgraded its IT systems?  10 or 15 years ago?  Your IT could pose a serious threat to the security of your business.  Find out how we can help.

Technology Training

The best available training for your staff from Evil Chili.  We can ensure that all of your team are brought up to latests international standards and every new team member is onboarded with your IT.

New Technology
New Tech Integration

Afraid to take the leap to new technology?  Our experts can guide you every step of the way as we unlock new ground breaking technology and fast track and future proof your business.

What Our Customers Say

"We have been putting off our IT audit for 10 years and when we finally agreed to let Evil Chili take a look it was a huge weight off our mind. Job done. We can now move on.."
Lee Harrison
Enterprise Foods
"We wasted so much time and well so far behind our competition by not adopting new tech sooner. Evil Chili helped us decide on what we need to move first on and how we implemented it seamlessly. ."
Angela Brooks
Preston Farming and Feeds

Share Your Business Technology Stories With Us and Feature in Our Award Winning Blog.

We would love to hear from companies who have successfully implemented an IT upgrade or enhanced their productivity adopting new technology.

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