How Technology Is Transforming Agriculture

As overpopulation and environmental threats increase the demand for food, those working in agriculture must adapt their practices. To support such an acclimatization, many are turning to agriculture technology, or AgTech. Whether it’s by utilizing innovative equipment or implementing artificial intelligent software, there are many forms of modification available to meet the ever-rising demand.

Fortunately, we are living in the digital era. New and profound developments are being introduced seemingly each and every day. One particularly important advancement is artificial intelligence (AI). Used as an umbrella term, AI refers to a range of technologies allowing machines to perform complex tasks on their own. That range often encompasses machine learning, robotics and even remote monitoring devices used to observe crops or livestock.

For further information on AgTech and additional examples of its applications, please see the accompanying resource.

Digital Agriculture 101 from Schnell Industries, an aggregate conveyor manufacturer

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